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Freelance Consulting Services—guaranteed Results


For over forty-five years, Freelance  Consultants has supported Fortune 500 companies

it most major industries, professional firms, including the U.S. and foreign governments.

Services Include any business-related content in respect to the following.  


1.  Resumes*

2. Business Letters 

3. Strategic Market Planning

4. Brochures

5. Power Point Presentations

6. Mr. Robert Popovich Speaker  Internationally acclaimed

7. Career Planning & Coaching

Award Winning PowerPoint Presentations “PPT"

If you or your organization are looking for the highest quality and effective professional PPT Presentations, consider Freelance  Consultants 

Freelance PPT presentations include:

1. Power Point presentation development

2. Scripts for each slide

3. On-site or Virtual “Zoom” coaching

Fees for Services:

Fees: All major projects and  services are calculated on a negotiated 'Flat Fee' basis, The client isn't charged for any additional time required to complete the project.


Hourly Rate: $65.00 per hour.


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