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Freelance Consulting Services—guaranteed Results


Professional Writing Services


Any Type or Size Company that includes: Fortune 500 companies to single owner businesses.

Services Include any business-related content:  [1] resumes* [2]business letters  [3] proposals    [4] brochures [5] presentations and [6] speeches [7] Career Coaching & Counseling

* Freelance Consultants has  written hundreds of resumes for entry level and executives e.g., CEO's and all levels of senior management in the private, public and governmental sectors


Flat Fee Rates: One-time flat fee Quote

Note: the client does not pay for any additional time required to complete the project.

Hourly Rate: $65.00 per hour.


Award Winning PowerPoint Presentations "PPT"


If you or your organization are looking for the highest quality and effective professional PPT presentations Freelance Consultants are ready to support your goals and objectives.  This services include: (1) PPT presentation (2)  scripts for each slide (3) presentation coaching from FLC's award-winning  and (4) short turn-around-time.


Fees: All presentations are calculated on a negotiated 'Flat Fee' basis, The client isn't charged for any additional time required to complete the project.

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