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Mother always said, "..." Timeless Wisdom to Achieve  Personal & Business Success

No Cost - No Risk - Guaranteed Success


Overview. Robert Popovich is a seasoned and proven international business and governmental consultant, speaker, foreign policy advisor, professional interpreter/translator, poet, and bestselling author. Every book published has a purpose, and his book wasn't any different, except how it all came about. 


His mother, Dragića (Dorothy) Popovich, came to this country, with her parents and nine siblings from the former socialist communist state of Yugoslavia. Like many immigrants from the majority of eastern bloc countries lived under oppressive leaders, yearning to be free. America to most was an unattainable dream, but fortunately for her family they were able to migrate to America.

They settled in the little steel town of Aliquippa, PA. a stone's throw from the then steel capital of the world, Pittsburgh where faith, family, and hard work defined their identity and culture. They arrived when she turned six years of age, but at the age of fourteen her life changed forever. Her father passed away, the three oldest quit school to find work to support the family.

The oldest was her brother Tešo (20 years of age) found work in the steel mills, while the next oldest Mary, worked in the mills as well but became a union organizer at the age of sixteen fighting for better working conditions and health benefits. In those days, steel mills spewed out toxic waste into the air, while the toxic sludge flowed into the once pristine rivers.


My mother decided she wanted to work in a business setting. "It was an early Saturday morning," she said, "I walked two miles to the center of town and every place of business was closed, except for a shoe store, Jackson’s, and a very stately man was standing behind the cash register I assumed putting in cash for the day’s business. I knocked and knocked on the door window and tried to gain his attention but he repeated waved for me to go away, but I persisted, until he came to the door and asked me what I wanted. And by the way, how old are you twelve?” She replied, “Fourteen.” “Why aren’t you in school,” she explained her father had unexpectedly died and the three oldest of ten children had to find work for provide the basic needs, food, clothing

His journey began in New York City consulting to major textile companies, fashion 

Mother Always Said, "...". Mr. Popovich is a much sought after speaker, and whatever  topic he covers, he wraps them in his mother's timeless wisdom. She came to America with her parents and nine siblings to escape the Eastern European communist regimes and settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the then steel capital of the world.


His audiences were so taken with his mother's wisdom, they continually encouraged him to put her words in writing. After twelve years he did just that. 

The book was never intended for commercial sales, in fact, he gave courtesy copies to his audiences. One of them decided to send excerpts of their copy to major news affiliates, international newspapers and business magazines. Unbeknownst to him 


She was the third oldest sibling and when her father unexpectedly died, she and her two older siblings had to quit school to find work to support the family. 






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