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Mother Always Said, "..." Volumes I - II - III

Over one million copies

Mother Always Said, "..." is a compendium of the author's mother's most treasured maxims and memorable childhood value lessons he learned while

growing up and has applied in numerous and unique situations in his successful business career. 


The journey begins in a small quiet town in western Pennsylvania, passes

through the bright lights of Broadway, unwittingly into the middle of the Iranian Revolution, then living and working within a breath of the Berlin Wall; and

finally, the unending challenges he faced in the early years of the former Soviet Union. Each encounter tests his faith and reliance upon his mother's wisdom

to see him through. 


He has taken the best of his anecdotes and put them into an indispensable

collection for all ages to enjoy and successfully apply in their everyday lives

and business careers. His narrative style will tickle your funny bone and

possibly draw an occasional tear. Critics have labeled his writing as "...unique, refreshing, practical and riddled with original humor." 


While the author's childhood experiences cover some of the most

relatable and entertaining moments in a child's life, they also provide a foundation for teaching many important value lessons to children. The

adult experiences provide the framework for addressing life's daily

challenges in personal relationships and a variety of business situations.

The principles are easily applied and readers continue to applaud it value

in everyday work and personal situations.


The result is a fascinating literary effort that will appeal to young and

old, professional men and women, and the general public. Mother

always said, "..."  can be absorbed in one reading or a chapter at a time.

It is a book that is to become a permanent reference for every library,

business, and family.





Mother Always Said, "..." has become a popular addendum for

corporate training programs and educational institutions as a

teaching tool for Business Ethics studies.














Volume -I-eBook Available for purchase “Red” Center

Volume -II eBook   November 2024 “Blue Left


Volume -III December 2024 “Green” Right




International Bestseller

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