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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Robert Popovich is a seasoned and proven international business and governmental consultant, speaker, foreign policy advisor, professional interpreter/translator and bestselling author. His assignments range from Fortune 500 companies tso the White House. He has lived and worked in major capitals throughout the world that has afforded him the opportunity to bring a broad and valued perspective to his consulting practice.

US/SOVIET COLD WAR . He was born and raised in western Pennsylvania where faith, family, friends, community and a strong work ethic are the cornerstones of life. At the height of the US/Soviet Cold War, he volunteered for the US Army and trained as a Russian intelligence specialist. This experience served him well later in his career as an independent international business and governmental consultant.


IRANIAN REVOLUTION. In route to a business meeting in Afghanistan, his flight made a refueling stop in Tehran, Iran. It was at the peak of the Iranian Revolution. He was arrested and accused of being a CIA operative. As a result, he was held for an extended period of time with little hope of ever being released. As each day passed, he became acutely aware of the true meaning of individual rights and freedoms we have under the US Constitution.


BERLIN WALL.  His first assignment was in West Berlin beginning in 1982, where he witnessed the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989.  In 1991 he returned to Washington, D.C. and worked for numerous governmental agencies, including the White House. During that same period, he wrote his bestselling book, “Mother Always Said, “…” Timeless Wisdom to Achieve Personal & Business Success, which shares those early principles learned in his youth and how he successfully applied them in his business and governmental experiences. Its long list of notable endorsements included former first lady, Barbara Bush.


FORMER SOVIET UNION. During the outbreak of the Bosnian War in 1992, he was

asked to co-chair a one-year humanitarian fundraising drive throughout Russia. His

co-chair was a former KGB officer that became president of Bank Veda in St. Petersburg.

The other  member of the team was Professor Dragan Radenovic a world renowned

sculptor whose many bornze busts and statues include the world renowned electrical and mechanical engineer, Nikola Tesla. Mr. Popovich worked in Russia for over twenty years participating as a democratic 



Robert Popovich His career has spanned over forty-eight years and he continues his work as an award-winning consultant, governmental contractor, speaker, bestselling author, and speechwriter. Upon its successful completion, he remained in Russia at the beginning of an unprecedented time identified as ‘glasnost’ (openness) and ‘perestroika' (restructuring), to focus on developing a more democratic process and transition to a free-market system of government. Duringthis period, Mr. Popovich assisted the government in repatriating properties confiscated during the Stalin regime to their rightful owners. 





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