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Life's Work:

Military Service:    US Army Security Agency - Russian intelligence analyst


Career:    Three decades as a strategic planning consultant for business & government

Assignments:     USA - Europe - Far East - South America

Consulting:    Fortune 500 companies -  small businesses - US & foreign governments


Specialties:    Consultant - Speechwriter (White House) - Speaker - Author -Parodist - Poet 

Languages:    Russian - German - French - Italian - Spanish 

Life Experiences:

Democracy:   Inalienable rights are a privilege -  born by the sacrifice of others

Dictatorships:   Born out of anger, fear, hopelessness complacency, and blind faith

Hope for America:    To place patriotism over partisanship

America's Youth:    The US Constitution: read it, love it, live it, and defend it

Most Rewarding:    Working at the White House during the G.H.W. Bush presidency 

Most Challenging:    Assisting Russia in making the transition to free markets

Lost in Siberia:    The true test of faith is when we have no good reason to believe it exists

Most Dangerous:    Refusing to play Russian roulette. Why? - Someone always loses

West Berlin:   Working in Berlin for six years, until it fell on November 9, 1989

Most Surprising:  Unexpectedly met Dr. Henry Kissinger - warm, polite and brilliant

Most Harrowing:   Arrested in Tehran, Iran four days after the US Embassy hostage crisis

Greatest Inequity:   Global disparity between men's rights vs. women's rights

Global Warming:  Fact or Fiction -  Action vs. Denial. Is the latter worth the risk?

Summary:   Carpenter's Rule - Measure twice, cut once - it applies to life's decisions as well




Philosophical Wisdom:

"The formula for success is faith, family, friends, fortitude and compassion for others."    —Morris Chamovitz "Surrogate Father & Mentor"

"There are three sides to every story--two opinions and the truth la in between"

—Dorothy "Dragica" Popovich "Mother"


"There is no greater strength than humility--and no greater weakness than arrogance."     —Robert L. Popovich


















































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